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Some of us have been taking part in an Easter bonnet competition. We worked on our creations at home with our families. We explored a variety of colours and textures to create our bonnets. Some of us made bonnets with chicks, some with rabbits even some with trains, lambs and dinosaurs!!!

We had a great time watching chicks hatching from their eggs at nursery. They came to visit from the farm. We could hear them cheeping from within the shell and watched them peck through and break out of the shell and turn to cute fluffy chicks. We carefully transferred them from the incubator to the cage and gave them food and clean water every day. We watched them in the cage and were very careful when we held and stroked them.

We younger children have enjoyed exploring the big boxes, pretending to be bus and train drivers, pilots and sea boat captains.  We used these opportunities to expand upon our vocabulary by making the different vehicle sounds – toot, toot, brrrm, brrrm etc.

We have been talking about different animals and what their babies are called as some of our friends have been to see baby animals on the farm. We have been exploring the craft materials and making lots of pictures and models of different animals too.

We are looking forward to exploring the outside and planting seeds that we can watch and help grow into flowers, fruits and vegetables. We have been talking about the different seasons and weather too. We have been learning about what plants, trees and grass need to help them to grow and some of us have been talking about the different parts of the plant.

A carreer with us

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