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Latest Play Room News

Our Jellyfish children have been on bug hunts in the garden using the magnifying glasses to seek them out.   They have been looking at their colours and patterns and learning the colour names and making pictures of the different insects.   We also have some visitors to the garden taking advantage of the feeders we have put out - our squirrel neighbours have kept the children entertained as they run along the fencing.  The children have been talking about the different foods the squirrels like to eat.   

We have also been exploring and racing the different toy vehicles modelling new language such as 'speedy, slow, hover, loud and zoom'.   The children have been learning the names of different forms of transport, their colours and have been counting the number of wheels each has. 

The Dolphin children  have been engaging in activities to support their fine motor skills such as scissor use, threading beads and using tweezers.   They have been mixing colours and predicting what new colour would be made as they mixed them.  They made rainbow pictures for their display as lots of children had seen similar pictures when out for walks.

The children have shown great interest in listening to different stories with 'Bear Hunt' being a particular favourite.  They children used their imagination when they went for a bear hunt in the garden.  They spent time searching for the bear exploring different natural textures outside and pretending to growl and move like a bear.

The Sea Turtle children have been talking about colours, patterns and sequences and they too went on a bug hunt.  They have been counting the number of legs on different insects and made insect sequences.  The children have made a lovely insect display.   They have also been developing their gross motor skills taking part in football games, weaving round cones with the balls.  They also took part in some running races moving their bodies in different ways.  The children have explored body movement further with Yoga sessions manipulating their bodies into different positions such as tree and mountain whilst stretching and balancing.

In Letters and Sounds the children have been looking at their names, identifying and recognising the letters and forming them correctly.   Here is an activity to try at home:  Learning the phonic sounds of the letters in their name and practice writing them.  If the children already know the sound of their name then look at objects in the environment, identifying the starting sound and start to look at CVC works such as cat, dog.  Activities to support CVC words can be found on www.sparklebox.co.uk

The Pelican children have been talking about the different things they have been doing during lockdown and we have been engaging in different activities to support and develop these experiences and interests.  The children have been very creative and used a variety of resources to make different pictures to display on their Art Gallery.  They were able to predict what might happen as they mixed colours and resources together.  Please feel free to share any creations your children have made whilst at home.


Please try the link below for different activity ideas that you may like to try with your children to support their development at home:



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