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Latest Play Room News

Our babies have been exploring different small world resources, rolling the different cars in paint to make marks for wall displays and modelling the different vehicle sounds for babies to hear and copy.  The babies have also spent time exploring the texture of paint on their hands and using different resources to make marks with string, brushes and sponges.  They have also been looking at themselves in the mirrors and practising their walking skills.

The Jellyfish children have been demonstrating interest in playing with the different vehicles and the garage making noises as they zoom the cars around and down the garage ramp.  To expand upon this interest they had made a display about the different vehicles’ and their sounds, where they travel too and learnt about fast and slow.

To follow on from an interest about Sea Life the Dolphin children have been learning about the different creatures that live under the sea, talking about their colours, sizes and what they may eat.  Different sea crafts took place with lots of very different sea creatures being created.  A variety of resources where used and the children were really focused and engaged in the painting, sticking and drawing activities.

The Stingray children were excited to watch the bin men and this lead to talking about different rubbish and the importance of putting it in the bin and how some rubbish can be recycled.   Together they made a Bin Lorry model and added it to their display.

Puffin children have been exploring and making different patterns using different resources.  They have been talking about sequences and predicting together what comes next.  They have also been matching patterns and colours and talking about similarities and differences.  They have also enjoyed counting out objects and sorting them to the value of the number.  They have been counting dots on the dominoes, counting balls outside and looking at number books.

To support children in Sea Turtles and Pelicans for school readiness they have been encouraged in a variety of tasks and routines to encourage confidence and independence e.g. taking lids off their yoghurts, zipping up coats, hanging their belongings on pegs and cutting up their food themselves.   The children have also been looking at the different letters in their names, differentiating capital and lowercase letters and learning how to form these letters correctly when attempting to write their names.

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