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Latest Play Room News

Our younger children have been enjoying exploring their senses while engaging in a variety of different activities including mark making, exploring shaving foam, water and sand, feeling the texture of paint between their figures.    They have also enjoyed making lots of beautiful sounds with the musical instruments and manoeuvring their bodies with increasing control as they dance, balance and manipulate different resources during their play.  They are also joining in with the words and actions from their favourite nursery rhymes becoming more confident as their language skills develop.

Our older children have been observing the new season as they explore their outdoor  environment, the different colours they see and identifying the different clothes they wear to keep up with the changing weather.  The children have been working well together as they search the garden for different insects, moving objects and using the magnifying glasses to investigate.  They have spent time making bug hotels and bird feeders to help the different wildlife that like to explore the nursery garden.  The children have been talking about light and dark and looking at the moon and stars.

The children have shown an interest in different stories and talking and finding out more about the characters and developing this in their art activities.   The children been taking on different roles as they explore the role play area together and have been talking about the different people who help us and pretend to be these people using their own experiences to engage with their friends in play.

Our Pre-school children have been learning about different patterns and sequencing as they explore different topics in the room. They have been using different prepositional language and they take about before, after, next to underneath etc.  The children have been listening to and differentiating different environmental and musical sounds, identifying what they can hear. They have also shown interest in different words that rhyme as they play different games together.  The children have shown an interest in different numbers and have been using them spontaneously in their play. They have been looking at the different numbers in their environment and are starting to recognise, sequence and sort them.

The children have been bringing in favourite objects from home to share with their friends during show and tell. They are developing in confidence as they talk about their objects, ask and answer questions and listen when their friends are speaking.   They have also enjoyed choosing different books and games to take home and share with their family weekly during library time.   Children’s recall and descriptive language is developing well as they talk together about what they have chosen, what parts of the story they enjoyed and what they will choose next.


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