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The babies have had great fun exploring the dark den and different light up sensory resources. They have been watching the fish swimming in the light tube too. They have also been exploring a variety of textures and showed interest when exploring the different messy play – paint, gloop, soil, shaving foam.

Within all playrooms the children have been sharing their experiences from home and doing different activities with their friends to learn more about what they have been up to while away  from nursery - making tractors and trains from different boxes, looking at flowers and plants in the garden, painting and exploring different textures. Reading different stories together and singing songs learning the different actions.  We have also been exploring music and movement and using lots of different props and resources to create our dances. Older children have been putting on talent shows, creating their own costumes.

In the preschool children are enjoying doing different activities both inside and in the garden to support their listening and observation skills. These include listening walks, treasure hunts and hide and seek games and they have been learning about the world and talking about the different places they have visited on their holidays, the different foods, cultures and languages. Children have been bringing in objects to share and talk about with their friends, looking at different countries on the globe and learning their names.

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